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My life in Kalakshetra. 

Life in Kalakshetra was not only an inspiration for perfectly molding my body movements, but it was also

an in-depth exploration into my own self.

My passion for dance and visual art were greatly appreciated. They paved my path to enter the & quot;concert

section," the heart of Kalakshetra, where I had a tremendous opportunity to observe and learn a lot

about the founder Rukmini Devi Arundale’s creative visualizations in all of the Kalakshetra dance

dramas, Margas (repertoires), the ecofriendly teaching method, and so on.


In addition to that, I brought knowledge about casting, creating stage props, costuming, jewelries,character based make-up, lighting, stage settings, and more. These have become valued assets to the work I do and my artistic journey over time.

I fortunate to have trained in Bharathanatyam traditionally for 6 years then taught the dance form for 4 years on the same campus. Looking back, I feel the same amount of energy and enthusiasm that I had once. It is still in my core while I recreate productions even in this digital era.

As you can see in the pictures, & quot;Bharatha,& quot; the brother of Lord Ram in "Paduka Pattabhishekam "dance-

drama and the Kannappa in "Kannappar Kuravanji "dance-drama, were two of my favorite character roles

in my Kalakshetra life.


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