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As a Nattuvanar.

Nattuvangam is a South Indian form of rhythmic recitation. The artist who performs Nattuvangam (the

cymbals are played along with vocal percussion to accompany a classical dance performance) is called a


In Kalakshetra, the 2-year Post-Diploma course in Bharathanatyam that I had successfully completed

was also called a Nattuvangam Course.

Mastering in Nattuvangam is an additional asset to any professional Bharathanatyam instructor, where

the students can take advantage of absorbing any complicated choreographies that are set to

challenging rhythm patterns.

I have been performing and also teaching Nattuvangam for several years. I greatly enjoy the

coordination between the dancer's rhythmic movements and the Nattuvangam when it makes the

entire performance energetically entertaining to everyone.

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